The Heart of Healed & Whole Recovery.

"You took a risk of faith and now you are healed and whole." Mark 5:34

For years “Healed and Whole” was my medicine. In the moments when my mind didn’t feel like my own and fear was robbing me of my life, I would continuously fill my thoughts with these three words over and over. I felt so much power within them and I clung onto the hope and promise, that one day I would be Healed and Whole too. 

After going through recovery myself and becoming a Certified Recovery Coach for Disordered Eating, I would like to share what I have learnt in the hope it will help others with their journey into freedom too. Spirituality and Faith are such a huge part of my own recovery. I feel a heightened sense of peace, inner resolve, safety, gratitude and deep connection when engaged in prayer soaked moments (feelings that I had previously sought out in food!) and because of this, I like to bring small elements into my practice. Never judging or imposing views, but providing loving support, words of gentleness and gracious understanding. I work with clients towards acceptance of circumstance, forgiveness of self, and lifting shame away from all that is dark and hidden within. 

At Healed & Whole Recovery I will walk alongside you during your own journey of healing and wholeness. I will help you through the process of learning, unlearning, discovery and letting go of what no longer serves you, so that you feel empowered to live the life you want to be living! A life free from disordered eating and limiting self beliefs.