Healed & Whole Recovery provides coaching for Disordered Eating. 

Helping you rediscover freedom and joy in a life no longer limited by restrictive or binge eating!

Healed & Whole Recovery.

For the people struggling to control hunger urges and are caught up in the cycle of food restricting and binge eating. I see you. I have been where you are. I have lived experience. You can and WILL heal from this!

As your Recovery Coach, I will listen to you without interruption and will gently help you challenge limiting self beliefs so you can move forward into everything life has to offer!

I know how overwhelming it can be to take that first step towards receiving help, so I'm happy you're here! You may be feeling scared or even slightly protective of your secret. It may have been a part of you for so long that it has started to feel like a companion. Let's arrange a short chat together. I've learnt that silence can keep your pain hidden and feed your shame. You don't have to hide anything anymore.

Pippa x

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