Weekly 40 Minute Video Call 

Individual Meeting £50*

1 Month Package £200

3 month package £449

The weekly video calls allow us time together to talk about highs and lows of the preceding week, implementing strategies to work towards short term achievements and long term goals, as well as depowering and reframing limiting self beliefs. I begin each session with a short centering exercise, to give you a moment of calm to catch your breath amidst a hectic week. 

Weekly 10-15 Minute Telephone Call

Individual call £39*
1 month package  £156
3 month package £349

The weekly telephone calls are a short check-in, to help keep you on track and accountable during your recovery process. These sessions work well if you are hard pressed for time and require more flexibility to work around a busy schedule. We can schedule a chat whilst you're out walking, on the drive to work, or even as a distraction in place of a planned binge. 

Weekly Email Coaching 

Individual  Email  £29*
1 Month Package £116
3 Month Package £259

The weekly email coaching is an option for clients who prefer processing emotions through writing, instead of talking out loud. They are also a great option for people who are always on the go or work unsociable hours, to know that when you are in the midst of a struggle you are not alone and have the option to write to someone in that moment who understands and is fully in your corner at anytime, day or night. 

More Information

The 3 month packages include 3 complimentary sessions.

*Individual one time sessions are displayed. However, recovery that is maintained tends to take around 6 months and will sadly not be a one time session fix.